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Tomorrow We Ride

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Tomorrow We Ride......That`s what Jean`s brother Louison (the Triple Tour de France winner 1953  1954 & 1955 and 1954 World Champion) used to say as they arranged to meet  everyday whilst racing and then just on Sundays when they weren`t competing anymore. They rode together until Louison`s untimely death in 1983  as being on a bike led to a better understanding of each other.  

Thanks to Louison  his younger brother has the good fortune of riding and living through the golden years of the 1950`s  the years of post-war reconstruction  of Coppi  Bartali  Kubler Koblet  Gaul & Van Steenbergen  Anquetil & Darrigade  monumental names who shaped a cycling legacy which will never be forgotton.   Jean`s absorbing book is not only about the life of his superstar brother but his own racing sucessful career (winner of Paris-Nice 1955)  life on the road  hopes  glory  and disappointments  culminating in retirement at 29 to become a journalist and a business partner with Louison.   Members of the Pedal Club recently had the pleasure of Mr & Mrs. Bobet`s company in October  a chance to meet and talk to Jean about his career and his riding with the Aberdeen Wheelers (Jean studied English there). The whole day was a humbling experience.   
By: Jean Bobet
Book: Paperback
Code: 739517
Publishing Date: 2008 ( First Published)