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The Death of Marco Pantani : A Biography

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William Hill Sports Book Of The Year Award Short Listed 2006

British Sports Book Awards Best Biography 2006

Book of the Year : National Sporting Club `[a] exhaustively detailed and beautiful book...This book unflinching though it is serves as a fitting ambivalent tribute - to the man and to the dark heart of the sport he loved.`

The intimate biography of the charismatic Tour de France winner Marco Pantani and the world that caused his downfall. Now updated.

On St Valentines Day 2004 former Tour de France winner Marco Pantani was found dead in a cheap Rimini hotel. It defied belief: Pantani was a celebrity recognised around the world and widely regarded even at the time of his death as the only cyclist capable of challenging Lance Armstrong`s dominance in the Tour de France. Only later did it emerge that Pantani had been addicted to cocaine since Autumn 1999 weeks after being expelled from the Giro d`Italia for blood doping - when he already had the race won.

Matt Rendell knew Pantani and has remained in contact with his family and friends and has also had access to court transcriptions from the many cases against him. This fascinating biography is not only the first in-depth investigation into the facts behind the iconic figure. It is also an affectionate portrait and a hugely exciting insight into a roller-coaster of a career.
By: Matt Rendell
Book: Paperback, 368 pages
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