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The Cycling Nostalgia Collection No 4 DVD

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A Wheel in Britain - 1953 (26 mins) 
The annual Tour of Britain was an open race that year, closely fought right up to the final day. 

Gordon Thomas Interview (21 mins) 
A rare interview with Gordon Tiny Thomas who recalls the conditions the riders faced on that 1953 Tour of Britain. 

A Race Apart - 1962 (13 mins) 
A short film on Britain`s famous 'Milk Race'. All the team cars that year had 'MOO' on the registration plate. 

How a Bicycle is Made - 1950 (17 mins) 
A visit to the famous Raleigh cycle factory to have a look at the mass production of bicycles. 

London to Holyhead 1962 (14 mins) 
Londoner Denis Tarr wins after a gruelling 13 hours in the saddle.

'I have been a passionate collector of cycling films for many years and I am pleased to be able to share my passion with you in this unique collection from the archives.' 
Ray Pascoe

R/T: 95 mins
DVD Region: (0) Worldwide