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The Cycling Nostalgia Collection No 2 DVD

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Tour of Ireland 1973 (24 mins) 
Former GB National Coach Doug Dailey, a top rider in his day, won the Tour of Ireland that year - a tough race for everyone under harsh conditions.

Racing to Nowhere - 1968 (24 mins) 
The Skol Six was held at Wembley that year and featured all the leading 6 day riders - Patrick Sercu, Peter Post, Tony Gowland and co. 

Cyclist Aboard - 1956 (15 mins) 
The Cyclists Touring Club (CTC) venture to Austria for a touring holiday - good innocent fun from the 1950's. 

London to Holyhead 1964 (23mins) 
At 256 miles, this race was the longest one day race in the UK calendar and all the big names of the day turned out to try and win a prestigious victory.

Albert Hitchin (6 mins) 
A rare interview with that year's winner who recalls racing the in the London-Holyhead events.

'I have been a passionate collector of cycling films for many years and I am pleased to be able to share my passion with you in this unique collection from the archives.' 
Ray Pascoe

R/T: 95 mins
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