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The Brit Pack DVD

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A unique DVD - Enjoy over 5 hours of British Tour riders! 

David Millar, Chris Boardman, Sean Yates… three of the biggest names in British cycling. Together with the late Tom Simpson, they share a unique honour… all have worn the leader's yellow jersey in the the Tour de France.

Hear from them and many other famous British riders; Brian Robinson, Malcolm Elliott, Robert Millar, Vin Denson, Alan Ramsbottom, about their experiences in the Tour. And see their biggest victories, in this special film that tells the story of the British participation. Brian Robinson explains how in 1958 he became the first British rider to win a stage of the Tour and then went on to repeat it a year later. The first British riders to tackle the Tour where brave men. Pioneers. Charlie Holland and Bill Burl achieved respect in 1937 and Holland talks about how it was to ride those roads!

Tony Hoare came home, carrying the symbolic red lantern, as last rider in the 1955 Tour but the French crowds took him to their heart and Eurosport commentator David Duffield tells how he was there in Paris to see it.

Tom Simpson was 6th in 1962, the highest ever at that time by a British rider and his nephew explains how much winning the Tour meant to Tom. Barry Hoban, winner of seven stages explains what life was like on the fast lane of the finishing line. Television commentator Paul Sherwen, Graham Jones who came 20th in only his second Tour, 1995 stage winner Max Sciandri, and Sean Yates talk about their Tour careers. Chris Boardman became only the second British rider to wear the yellow jersey, and he explains his special relationship with the Tour, while the South of France is home to David Millar, where he explains his wonderful stage victories.

In this special film  Britain's great achievements in the Tour are celebrated, with fabulous race footage and sparkling and treasured reminiscences from the British cyclists who rode it.

Narrated by Phil Liggett

DVD EXTRAS: Over 40 mins of bonus features including; Malcolm Elliott feature Phil Liggett interview Paul Sherwin interview Extra footage

R/T: 355 mins
DVD Region: (0) Worldwide