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Slaying the Badger: LeMond Hinault and the Greatest Ever Tour de France

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`Richard Moore continues to display and extend his well-earned reputation for exhaustive research... Putting all that was revealed into context in such a masterly  relevant and intriguing fashion is a skill all of itself. The victor was known to you and I before even the contents page has been given a cursory glance  yet the narrative imposes a necessity to read to the very end to find out if Greg really did win the 1986 Tour de France.` --The Washingmachine Post 

The Tour de France is renowned for its chaos and drama. But no other Tour has quite compared to what played out in 1986. That year witnessed a show-stopping rivalry that had spectators across the world agog.  Greg LeMond   a fresh-faced and mercurial youngster  dubbed `L`Americain`  was a naive Tour newbie. Frenchman Bernard `The Badger` Hinault was five times winner and as tough as old boots. Though polar opposites  they were both fiercely competitive  both equally brilliant.  So why was the world shocked that they were at each other`s throats?

They were meant to be team-mates. Their explosive rivalry broke every rule in the book. No one wins the Tour single-handed; out there your team counts for everything.  After his previous year`s win Hinault had pledged his absolute support for LeMond  but as 1986 the Tour circled France  his constant attacks on his team-mate seemed like cold-blooded sabotage. Why was Hinault putting LeMond in jeopardy? Would he crack under the pressure? Something sinister was going on  but no one knew quite what.

Slaying the Badger relives the adrenaline  the agony  the camaraderie  the betrayals  and the pure exhilaration of that epic year  as the biggest conundrum of Tour history is finally laid bare.
By: Richard Moore
Book: Paperback, 336 pages