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`It is very rare to find such a well told and honest biography as this one  where the main character fearlessly sacrifices himself`. Politiken  January 2012   `A very exciting and captivating read.` B.T 

In 1996 Danish cycling legend Bjarne Riis won the Tour de France.   Eleven years later he called a press conference and confessed to taking performance-enhancing drugs in order to achieve the ultimate cycling triumph.   In Riis  his sensational autobiography  already an acclaimed bestseller in Denmark and Germany  the notoriously private Dane bares his soul.

From the shy  young daydreamer who fell in love with cycling as an eight-year-old  to the hardened  regular user of banned blood booster EPO. While never shirking the seriousness of his actions Riis does attempt to explain the pressures and attitudes within cycling at the time that let him down a dark path that he now condemns. Brutally honest and as furiously fast-paced as one of his breakaways from the peloton    Riis is a powerful insight into the life and mind of one of cycle racing`s key figures  as well as a window into the wider and mysterious world of professional road racing.  

There are not many people who have been involved in cycling to the extent that Riis has over the last 30 years and readers will be surprised by how open the normally taciturn Dane has been in his autobiography
By: Bjarne Riis
Book: Paperback, 352 pages
Code: 637513
Publishing Date: May 2012