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Pantani - The Pirate DVD

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'A must have film… With superb race footage and exclusive interviews with those who really knew him, this unique two part DVD is a very moving tribute to the memory of 'Il Pirata.' 

Marco Pantani was one of cycle sport's biggest stars'. The combination of his striking physical appearance and combative riding style ensured 'Il Pirata' hero status. Loved by the tifosi and cycle fans around the world, he was,one of the world's best known riders. But fame and success can be a curse as well as a blessing and with Pantani this was the case, with a career that was unduly turbulent. Following a third place in the 1994 Tour de France, in 1995 he very badly smashed his leg  an accident which threatened to keep him off his bike for good. His comeback in the 1997 Giro ended with another accident and yet spectacularly, he returned to win the unique double of Giro d`Italia and Tour de France in 1998.

In this special DVD, we have the story of his comeback from his horrific accident that so nearly ended his career, as we hear from Pantani himself, his parents and from others, as they tell us the story of his remarkable journey back to the top. And then we travel to his home town of Cesenatico to hear from those who really knew him, to try and understand the reasons for his incredibly sad demise.We hear from his personal manager Manuela Ronchi, the last person Marco stayed with and we hear from his close friend and former team-mate Roberto Conti. The cafe owner Nicola Amaduci his first director sportif and whose walls are a veritable shrine to the memory of Pantani, tells us of the Pantani he knew and we have exclusive access to the headquarters of the Marco Pantani Fan Club where amongst the numerous memorabilia on display, are many of his jerseys.

In this very moving film, we remember and pay tribute to a cyclist, who thrilled so many cycling fans across the world.

Unique to the DVD 45 minutes of bonus features: 

• Full Cesenatico Interviews
• Pantani Analysis
• Emilia Romagna
• Pantani's Jerseys
R/T: 145 mins
DVD Region: (0) Worldwide