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Hell On Wheels DVD

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'Le Tour de France as you have never seen it before!'

'The definitive Tour de France film. This is one of the few really great films about sport. The only cycling films that stand comparison are A Sunday in Hell and Louis Malle's Pour un Maillot Jaune. You want the Tour de France - its failures, its triumphs, its ambience, its flavour? - this is it.'  Ray Minovi

The 2003 Tour de France was the 100th edition. It was also the most exiting race in years. Acclaimed film director Pepe Danquart chose 2003 to document the race through the highs and lows experienced by the T-Mobile team and in particular Erik Zabel the team's great sprinter expected to challenge once again for the Green Jersey and Rolf Alldag the team's great workhorse. All Tour life is here.

Danquart intercuts the film of the 2003 Tour - deliberately shot in a faded colour reminiscent of hand-tinted photos - with scenes in black and white from Tours as far back as the early Twenties so creating that delicate sense of time lost and then recaptured.

The result is perhaps one of the finest sports feature films ever made, featuring high production qualities and revealing a host of human and historical qualities sometimes overlooked. 

Directed by Pepe Danquart, Academy Award Winner


30 mins of Bonus features:
• Behind the Camera
• Extra Scenes
• Theatrical Trailer
• Image Gallery

R/T: 153 mins
DVD Region: (2) UK/Europe