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Fausto Coppi

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'Excellent. A worthy addition to my cycling books, it has photographs that I've never seen before. For anyone interested in the history of cycling anything on Fausto Coppi is a must.'

Without doubt  one of the most beautiful book's ever produced on 'il campionissimo'.   Featuring stunning images from the Presse Sports library in Paris  with a moving text '...Fausto Coppi's time on earth was a drama  in which glory was inextricably involved with misfortune. He was a great modern initiator of a multi-faceted sport  which was noble and popular and without pity: the illustration of life itself.'  

The former butcher`s delivery boy  who rose to the elevated position of a cycling superstar  was a hero adored and loved for his legendary exploits and dramatic misfortunes. Having experienced all of the emotional highs and lows that sport can bring Fausto Coppi then suffered a painful decline in his personal and sporting life from which he could not recover. 'Il Campionissimo' was a tragic hero.

Through magnificent images and delightful words  the many paradoxes of Coppi's personality and the defining moments of his life are presented here. Over forty years after his death  the warmth  aura and melancholy personality of the incomparable Fausto Coppi come alive in these pages.  

A former journalist with L'Equipe, Jacques Augendre works today as an archivist with the Societe du Tour de France.

He is the author of ten books on cycling. Over 100 black and white photographs 
By: Jacques Augendre
Book: Hardback, 157 pages
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