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Brian Robinson : Pioneer

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'As an avid but, not so successfu, racing cyclist in the past, I found this life story wonderful. The title "Pioneer" sums up what he achieved for British cycling - following in the footsteps of Charles Holland and setting the example of those that came after Brian - from Tom Simpson to the present day Sky Team. A great read.'

A biography of†Brian Robinson  racing cyclist.

Brian Robinson  the first Englishman ever to complete the Tour de France went on to make a careeras a professional cyclist in what is generally regarded as one of the toughest eras in a very toughsport. He adapted to French life  the continental style of racing and the taxing demands of a longseason with clear-headed tenacity.

For all the British riders who later followed him to Europe – andthere have not been many since his days as a lone coureur anglais  still a comparatively rare breed –he was  without dispute  the great pioneer.  

About the Author Graeme Fife is a full-time writer who has a number of cycling books to his credit. He has broadcast plays  stories and features for BBC radio networks. He has also written plays for the stage  as well as directing and performing. He is a Francophile and a cycling enthusiast with a depth of historical knowledge. 
By: Graeme Fife
Book: Paperback, 236 pages
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