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Breaking Away DVD

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'Absolutely brilliant…'

'Nostalgic, charming and memorable…' 

'A great film I've watched again and again. Wonderful witty script with no weak scenes, beautiful characterisation, enjoyable story.'  

Peter Yates' Oscar-winner is a heart-warming coming-of-age story that has also taken its place as the greatest sports movie about cycling ever made. Funny, moving and inspiring, Breaking Away is one of the most loved feel-good films in cinema history. Dennis Christopher stars as a recent high school graduate in Bloomington, Indiana  who is caught with his friends - Dennis Quaid, Daniel Stern, Jackie Earle Haley - coasting between high school and deciding what to do with the rest of their lives.

The four friends are snobbishly looked down upon by the college students of the town as 'cutters', since they were born in Bloomington and their parents worked in the local limestone quarries that built the university. Dennis Christopher's character Dave wants to be a champion bicycle racer and he idolizes the Italian racing team - so much so that he speaks, thinks, and acts Italian, all to his father's Paul Dooley forlorn exasperation. Dave falls for a college girl Robyn Douglass, but is ashamed to admit he is a cutter and poses as an Italian exchange student to impress her. Dave is particularly excited when his heroes - the Italian racers - come to town for a race. But they are even more snobbish than the college students and rely on dirty tricks to keep Dave from winning a race against them. After that ordeal, Dave throws away his false identity and convinces his friends to enter the university's Little 500 bicycle race against the college students.

This light-hearted and heartwarming tale was a surprising word-of-mouth success at the box-office and won several awards, including an Academy Award for Best Screenplay.

R/T: 97 mins
DVD Region: (2) UK/Europe