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1935 World Championships Poster

RRP: £55.00
Our Price: £25.00

Own a piece of history for your wall! This incredible print gives you a large-scale reproduction of a historic advertising poster from the early years of competitive racing.

A fine art reproduction of a stunning poster created for the 1935 World Championships. Held in Belgium, the 216km road race was a hard fought duel that had local hero Jean Aerts winning before his home fans.

With a stylish art deco-era graphic design, the flags of the main competing nations, and the date and location details of the event, this is both a historic work of vintage cycling art, and a beautiful piece for the wall of home or office!

Printed on gallery quality poster stock with a satin finish. During the creation of these posters each image was carefully monitored for correct color balance and printed on heavyweight paper stock using high quality presses, all to insure they will look good for years to come

Poster: Fine Art
Size: 24" x 36"
Printing: Gallery quality poster stock with a satin finish