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Paris-Roubaix-Alcyon Bicycles Retro Jersey


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The famous Spring Classic, Paris Roubaix was cycling`s last folly according to legendary Tour de France organiser Jacques Goddet.

Paris Roubaix is still today cycling`s most prestigious classic and this jersey features the famous Alcyon Bicycles, which were used during the earlier era of the race and the story behind it is a fascinating one.

Alcyon was a bicycle manufacturer at the turn of the last 20th century, started by Edmond Gentle in Neuilly, Seine, France. when he wasn`t given a desired promotion by his employer Peugeot. In 1906 Alcyon`s first cycling team was formed and for years was one of the most powerful teams in cycling, winning the Tour de France four times before the First World War and three times in the 1920s. Ironically, Peugeot acquired the brand in the 1950s and discontinued the team but the name and logo remains an image of a bygone era.


This jersey is made of Lafayette Fabrics: `lafdry` offers temperature and humidity control. It allows for quick drying of sweat so that it stays comfortable and fresh for the wearer.